Blood Spot Hormone Tests

Advantages of a Simple Blood Spot Test

No phlebotomist or centrifugation required, therefore less expensive and more convenient than conventional blood draws. Nearly painless finger stick is used to collect the few drops of blood required. Private and convenient for both patient and healthcare provider - collection at home or provider’s office. Hormones and other analyses are stable in dried blood spot at room temperature for weeks, allowing for worldwide shipment. Safe handling and transport of samples, as infectious agents are destroyed by drying.

What is difference between Saliva and Blood Hormone Testing?

Saliva Hormone Test is designed to tests hormones in the whole body while Blood Hormone Test is designed to test hormones in the blood only. Some of our tests can be run in saliva and blood and some of them can either be in saliva or in blood only. Please find more information on relevant sections. 

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