Our Male Hormone Profile Tests offer a comprehensive assessment of crucial hormones that play a vital role in men's overall well-being. Hormonal balance is essential for maintaining energy levels, mood, sexual health, muscle mass, weight management and more. This easy and non-invasive test measures key hormones such as testosterone, DHEA, cortisol, estrogen, and thyroid hormones.

With the Male Hormone Profile Tests, you can identify hormonal imbalances early on and take proactive steps towards optimizing your health. Whether you're experiencing unexplained fatigue, low libido, mood swings, acne, or other symptoms, this test provides valuable insights to guide personalized treatment plans and improve your quality of life. Our tests are easy to perform, and depending on the specific profile, samples can be collected from saliva, dried blood, or dried urine. Rest assured that our state-of-the-art laboratories will deliver precise and reliable results.