• £69.00

Thyroglobulin (TGBN) Testing Kit

  • Designed to test for Thyroglobulin (Tgbn) and it accurately assesses  Tgbn levels in the body.
  • Safe and Easy to use
  • Contains Blood Spot collection kit
  • Test can be done at the comfort of your home
  • Free delivery in the UK and Ireland
  • Customers are responsible for shipment to laboratory. Please find more information on shipping page.
  • No additional laboratory cost and tax.
  • Test Result: You will receive your test result via email within 5-7 working days after Laboratory receives your sample. On your test result you will see your hormone levels in graphics .An easy to understand explanation regarding the functions of the tested hormones by our laboratory professional. You will also see Laboratory's comments on your test result which suggests a healthy diet, what kind of exercise you should do and some reading materials how to maintain your hormone level balanced.

    We strongly recommend that you consult your results with your Health Care Provider, GP or Doctor to know whether or not any further actions need to be carried out and get started with ample treatment if it is needed.

    The pack includes:

    • Test Requisition Form includes Symptom Checklist
    • Requisition Form to complete including your personal and medical history
    • Instructions on How to Use blood spot Collection Kit

    How to Use 

    blood spot use introduction



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