High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (hs-crp) Test

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    High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (hs-CRP) Test is designed for testing hs-CRP and accurately assesses hs-CRP levels in the body. This test is used to predict your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

                    C-reactive protein (CRP) is an established marker of inflammation and has recently been suggested to be an important contributor to the pro-inflammatory and prothrombotic elements of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk.

                    Extremely high CRP levels are seen in acute inflammatory states, but the small elevations that are indicative of the pro-inflammatory and pro-thrombotic states implicated in the metabolic syndrome require high sensitivity assays and are thus referred to as hs-CRP levels.

                    Studies have shown correlations between elevated hs-CRP and increased risk of:

                    • Future heart attacks
                    • Ischemic stroke
                    • Peripheral arterial disease

                    Overweight, obese, insulin-resistant, and diabetic individuals typically have elevated hs-CRP levels; elevations in hs-CRP levels have also been found to predict the development of diabetes.

                    Lifestyle changes such as:

                    • Aerobic exercise
                    • Weight loss
                    • Smoking cessation lowers hs-CRP levels. 

                    Hs-Crp levels below 3.0 mg/L are considered to be normal; 3.1—10 mg/L is elevated in the context of CVD risk, and above 10 mg/ L is very high, more likely indicating an acute inflammatory event due to infection or trauma. 

                    Test Result: You will receive your test result 3-5 working days after the laboratory receives your sample. You will see your hormone levels in graphics and numbers on your test results. You will also see laboratory comments by Hormone Specialist PhD Dr in the comments: you will find an analysis of your hormone levels and what to do next.

                    • Collect samples from the comfort of your home and post them to our lab.
                    • The test must be used within 12 months after the purchase date.
                    • The test kit includes a laboratory fee: no additional laboratory cost or tax.
                    • Customers are responsible for shipping their samples to the laboratory.

                    How does the test carry out?

                    This blood spot-based testing tool can be done in the privacy of your home. A simple step of collecting your blood spot for the test is required. Once you provide a blood spot, you need to seal the sample and send it off to us. Your test result report will be emailed to you between 3 and 5 working days after the laboratory receives your sample.

                    How to Use 

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