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  • Hormone Trio Saliva Profile Test Kit (Male or Female) is for 3 Essential Hormones: Estradiol (Estrogen) (E2), Progesterone (Pg) and Testosterone (T) in Men and Women.
  • Estradiol (Estrogen) Hormone imbalance symptoms are  bone loss, bloating, acne or oily skin, low libido, hot flashes, irritability, depression, decreased fertility, mood swings, obstructed bile secretion or function, vaginal dryness, poor concentration, and memory lapses.
    • Progesterone Hormone imbalance symptoms are decreased fertility, heavy or painful periods, irregular periods, mood swings, hot flashes, tender or fibrocystic breasts, urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness and so on.
      • Testosterone hormone imbalance symptoms are  decreased libido, decrease in muscles / few distinctive muscles, fat deposits in the stomach and breast areas, cellulite, varicose veins, slack arms and face, wrinkle development, dry skin, decreased hair growth, low stamina, consistent tiredness, low assertiveness, uncertainty, decreased stress resistance, nervousness, anxiety, depressive moods and forgetfulness. Testosterone deficiency can affect women as well as men. If you are experiencing any or a combination of those, it’s worth get your hormone level imbalance checked using our comprehensive 3 panel hormone test.
      • Collecting sample easily in comfort of your home or office.
      • Delivers results in 3-5 working days after receipt at the laboratory
      • Free Delivery in the UK and Ireland
      • Customers are responsible for shipping their sample to laboratory.
      • No additional cost.
      • Click to see>>>Sample Saliva Hormone Test Result Report

        The Test Kit Pack includes:    

        • Test Requisition Form includes Symptom Checklist    
        • Requisition Form to complete including your personal and medical history  
        • Contains collection instructions    
        • Vial(s) for collecting saliva    
        • Instructions on How to Use Saliva Collection Kit

        The test must be used within 12 months after purchase date.

        How to Use 

        how to collect saliva sample


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