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  • Female Saliva Hormone Test kit - Profile III is designed to measure 8 Essential Hormones in women. This hormones are ;
    • Estradiol (E2) Hormone test,
    • Progesterone (PG) Hormone test,
    • Testosterone (T) Hormone test,
    • DHEA-S Hormone test and
    • Cortisol Hormone test (C x 4)-(Morning Cortisol,Noon Cortisol,Evening Cortisol and Night Cortisol).
  • Collecting sample easily in comfort of your home or office.
  • Delivers results in 3-5 working days after receipt at the laboratory
  • Free Delivery in the UK and Ireland
  • Customers are responsible for shipping their sample to laboratory.
  • No additional cost.
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Hormones are chemical messengers that are released from different glands in the body (endocrine system) and travel through the bloodstream to the organs and tissues. An imbalance of a particular hormone can lead to many symptoms.

Hormones and Their Symotoms

Most common symptoms because of imbalance hormone in women are as follows:

  • Progesterone Hormone imbalance symptoms are ;
    • Decreased fertility,
    • Heavy or painful periods,
    • Irregular periods,
    • Mood swings,
    • Hot flashes,
    • Tender or fibrocystic breasts,
    • Urinary incontinence,
    • Vaginal dryness and so on.
  • Estradiol (Estrogen) Hormone imbalance symptoms are ; 
    • Bone loss,
    • Bloating,
    • Acne or oily skin,
    • Low libido,
    • Hot flashes,
    • Irritability,
    • Depression,
    • Decreased fertility,
    • Mood swings,
    • Obstructed bile secretion or function,
    • Vaginal dryness,
    • Poor concentration and
    • Memory lapses.
  • Testosterone hormone imbalance symptoms are ;
    • Decreased libido,
    • Decrease in muscles / few distinctive muscles,
    • Fat deposits in the stomach and breast areas,
    • Cellulite,
    • Varicose veins, 
    • Slack arms and face,
    • Wrinkle development,
    • Dry skin,
    • Decreased hair growth,
    • Low stamina,
    • Consistent tiredness,
    • Low assertiveness,
    • Uncertainty,
    • Decreased stress resistance,
    • Nervousness,
    • Anxiety,
    • Depressive moods and forgetfulness.
  • Testosterone deficiency can affect women as well as men.
  • Symptoms of DHEA-S deficiency are ;
    • Experiencing depression,
    • Extreme fatigue,
    • Muscle weakness,
    • Joint pains,
    • Dryness in skin and eyes,
    • Weak immune system,
    • Insulin resistance,
    • Sleeping disorders,
    • Addison's disease,
    • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS),
    • Bad memory,
    • Lower stamina,
    • Lowered Libido (especially in females),
    • Less bones & muscle mass,
    • Less hair growth in underarms and
    • Inability to lose weight.
  • Symptoms associated with imbalance Cortisol are ;
    • Depression,
    • Anxiety,
    • Exhaustion,
    • Lack of strength,
    • Tiredness,
    • Decreased stress resistance,
    • Irritability,
    • Mood swings,
    • Nervousness,
    • Depressive moods,
    • Memory issues,
    • Fatigue,
    • Stomach ulcers,
    • Digestive problems,
    • Inflammation,
    • Cravings for sweet and salty foods,
    • Alcohol cravings,
    • Insulin resistance,
    • High blood pressure,
    • Weight gain or weight loss,
    • Underweight,
    • Body aches and pains,
    • Low blood pressure and
    • Dizziness.

If any symptoms mentioned above are persisting, then you might want to try a hormonal level imbalance check using our comprehensive 8 panel hormone test. This Eight Essential Saliva Hormone Test has clear instructions to use safely and easily. This produces an non-invasive use as it does not require the use of any needle or instruments that other testing kits may provide.


The test is valid for 12 months after purchase date. We recommend you to use your test as soon as possible.

    The pack includes:
    •    Test Requisition Form includes Symptom Checklist
    •     Requisition Form to complete including your personal & medical history
    •     Contains collection instructions
    •     Vial(s) for collecting saliva
    •      Instructions on How to Use Saliva Collection Kit


    Saliva testing is used for measuring hormones like cortisol, estrogen and testosterone, and its non-invasive collection asks patients to spit into a plastic tube. This sampling method allows patients to collect saliva at home at specific times, which is important for accurately measuring hormone levels.

    Why do we test hormones in saliva? Steroid hormones in the bloodstream are 95-99% bound to carrier proteins, and in this form are unavailable to target tissues. Saliva testing measures the amount of hormone available to target tissues – the bioavailable amount. For this reason, saliva testing better relates to specific symptoms of excess or deficiency, and is a good option for monitoring hormone therapy.

    ZRT is one of the first labs to measure hormones in saliva, and helped establish the method that made saliva hormone testing commercially viable for health care providers and patients around the globe.

    Today’s Most Advanced Saliva Testing

    Ranges Adjusted for Supplementation Ranges Adjusted for Supplementation: Unlike other labs, patients do not need to stop hormone supplementation to use ZRT’s testing because we have ranges adjusted for age, menstrual status and supplementation types. This is the ideal method for tracking the effectiveness of hormone treatments.
    No Pooling No Pooling: ZRT does not pool patient samples, meaning that we don’t mix multiple daily samples together to get an average hormone level. Instead we measure hormones from a single morning sample, which represents the peak of daily hormone production – the optimal time to measure.
    Extraction Extraction: ZRT is the only lab to perform an extraction process for saliva testing, which separates hormones from background contamination. This is the only way to assure accurate test results for low-concentration hormones such as estradiol.
    Industry Standards Setting Industry Standards: ZRT initiated and manages the industry-wide standards program called the Saliva Proficiency Inter-laboratory Testing Program – which enables laboratories to regularly evaluate and improve saliva testing accuracy.

    How to Use 

    how to collect saliva sample