Hormone Lab UK provides convenient and reliable saliva hormone tests to help you better understand your body's hormone levels. Our hormone tests are simple and easy to use, providing accurate results from the comfort of your own home. By analysing your saliva, we can measure your hormone levels and provide you with detailed information about your estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, and DHEA levels.

With our hormone tests, you can gain insight into your reproductive health, including menstrual cycle irregularities, fertility issues, low libido and symptoms associated with menopause. We also provide testing for stress hormones, which can help you understand the impact of stress on your body and identify potential health concerns.

Our tests are affordable and easy to order online. Simply choose the test you need, complete your order, and we will send you a testing kit with detailed instructions on how to collect your saliva sample. Once you have collected your sample, simply send it back to our lab in the envelope provided, and you will receive your results within a few days.

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