Estradiol (Estrogen) (E2) and Testosterone (T) Test

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The Estradiol and Testosterone test kit is specifically designed to analyse and measure the levels of two vital hormones, namely Estradiol and Testosterone, within the human body. This convenient saliva hormone kit aims to identify potential hormonal imbalances that may exist. Imbalances in these hormones, whether an excess or deficiency, can lead to specific symptoms and discomfort. 

Estrogen, a group of hormones, plays a crucial role in the development of physical characteristics and reproductive functions in females. It contributes to the growth of breasts and the uterus, as well as the regulation of the menstrual cycle. While Estrogen is primarily associated with females, it is important to note that men also produce this hormone, albeit in significantly smaller quantities.

This test kit is particularly suitable for individuals who experience one or more of the below symptoms, which may indicate a potential hormonal imbalance.

Key Features

The Estradiol and Testosterone test kit offers several key features and benefits that make it a convenient and reliable option for testing hormone levels. Some of the notable features include:

  • Test Result: Once the laboratory receives your sample, you can expect to receive your test result within 3-5 working days. This ensures a relatively quick turnaround time, allowing you to obtain important information about your hormone levels promptly.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: The test result will provide a clear visualization of your hormone levels through graphics and numerical values. This allows for easy interpretation and understanding of the results, enabling you to identify any potential imbalances.
  • Expert Comments: The test result includes comments by a Hormone Specialist PhD Dr who will analyze your hormone levels and provide insightful recommendations. These comments can offer valuable guidance on what steps to take next, based on your specific hormone profile.
  • Convenient Sample Collection: With this test kit, you can collect your saliva samples from the comfort of your own home. This eliminates the need for a clinic visit or appointment, saving you time and effort. Once collected, you simply post the samples to the designated laboratory.
  • Suitable for Adults and Children: This test is suitable for individuals of all ages, including both adults and children. It can be used to assess hormone levels in individuals experiencing symptoms or those who require hormone monitoring for various reasons.
  • Long Expiry Date: The test kit has a generous validity period of 12 months from the date of purchase. This allows you to take the test at a time that is most convenient for you, without worrying about the kit expiring.
  • All-Inclusive Pricing: The test kit includes a laboratory fee, ensuring that there are no additional costs or taxes to consider. This transparent pricing structure provides peace of mind and eliminates any unexpected expenses.
  • Customer Responsibility for Shipping: While the test kit covers the laboratory fee, customers are responsible for shipping their samples to the laboratory. This allows for flexibility in choosing the shipping method that suits your preferences and budget.
  • How and when to Collect your saliva samples: Saliva Testing Instructions
  • Click to see >> Sample Saliva Test Result Report
Overall, the Estradiol and Testosterone test kit offers a user-friendly and comprehensive solution for assessing hormone levels. With its convenient home sample collection, expert analysis, and efficient result delivery, individuals can gain valuable insights into their hormone health and take appropriate steps towards achieving balance and well-being.

Symptoms of female Estradiol hormone imbalance:

Symptoms of female estradiol hormone imbalance can manifest in various ways, affecting both physical and emotional aspects of a person's well-being. Some common symptoms associated with low estradiol levels in females include:

    Decreased Libido: A reduced interest in or desire for sexual activity is a commonly reported symptom of estradiol hormone imbalance. This can lead to a decline in sexual satisfaction and may affect overall sexual well-being.
  • Low Sex Drive: Alongside decreased libido, women with low estradiol levels may experience a decrease in overall sexual desire and arousal. This can impact sexual relationships and intimacy.
  • Decreased Muscle Mass: Estradiol plays a role in maintaining muscle mass. When levels are low, there may be a noticeable decrease in muscle tone and strength. This can lead to feelings of weakness or a loss of physical endurance.
  • Fat Deposits in Stomach and Breast Areas: Hormonal imbalances can contribute to fat accumulation in specific areas of the body, such as the stomach and breasts. This can lead to changes in body shape and an increase in overall body fat percentage.
  • Cellulite: The appearance of cellulite, characterized by dimpled or lumpy skin texture, may be more prominent in women with low estradiol levels. This can be particularly noticeable in areas like the thighs and buttocks.
  • Varicose Veins: Reduced estradiol levels can affect blood vessel health, potentially contributing to the development of varicose veins. These are enlarged and twisted veins that commonly appear on the legs.
  • Slack Arms and Face: Low estradiol levels can impact skin elasticity, leading to a loss of firmness and tone. This can result in a sagging or "slack" appearance of the arms and face.
  • Wrinkle Development: Estradiol helps maintain skin hydration and elasticity. Insufficient levels of this hormone can contribute to the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, and overall premature aging of the skin.
  • Decreased Hair Growth: Hormonal imbalances can also affect hair growth patterns. Low estradiol levels may contribute to hair thinning or a decrease in hair growth, particularly on the scalp.
  • Consistent Tiredness: Fatigue and a persistent feeling of tiredness are common symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances, including low estradiol levels. This can impact energy levels, motivation, and overall quality of life.

Symptoms of male Estradiol hormone imbalance:

Symptoms of male Estradiol hormone imbalance can manifest in various ways, indicating potential disruptions in hormone levels. Here are some common symptoms associated with male Estradiol hormone imbalance:

  • Decreased mental clarity: Imbalances in Estradiol levels can contribute to cognitive changes, including decreased mental clarity, difficulty focusing, and impaired memory.
  • Decreased muscle strength: Lower levels of Estradiol in men can lead to decreased muscle strength and potentially impact overall physical performance.
  • Low stamina: Imbalances in Estradiol may result in reduced stamina and endurance during physical activities or exercise.
  • Decreased urine flow: In some cases, male Estradiol hormone imbalance can affect urinary function, leading to decreased urine flow or changes in urination patterns.
  • Erectile dysfunction: Estradiol plays a role in male sexual health. Imbalances in this hormone can contribute to erectile dysfunction, making it difficult to achieve or maintain an erection.
  • Hot flushes: Hot flushes, or sudden sensations of intense heat, are commonly associated with female hormonal changes, but they can also occur in men with Estradiol imbalances. These episodes may be accompanied by sweating and flushing of the skin.
  • Increased abdominal fat: Higher levels of Estradiol in men can lead to an accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. This can result in an increase in waist circumference and a more "apple-shaped" body appearance.
  • Increased urge to urinate: Imbalances in Estradiol may contribute to an increased urge to urinate, potentially leading to more frequent bathroom visits.
  • Night sweats: Similar to hot flushes, night sweats characterized by excessive sweating during sleep can occur in men with Estradiol hormone imbalance.

Female Testosterone Deficiency Symptoms:

Female testosterone deficiency, also known as hypoandrogenism, occurs when there is an insufficient level of testosterone in a woman's body. Testosterone is typically associated with males, but it is also important for women's health and well-being. When testosterone levels in women are low, it can lead to various symptoms and effects. Here are some common symptoms of female testosterone deficiency:

  • Decreased Libido: One of the primary symptoms of testosterone deficiency in women is a decrease in sexual desire or libido. Women may experience a lack of interest in sexual activities and reduced satisfaction from sexual experiences.
  • Fatigue and Low Energy Levels: Low testosterone can contribute to feelings of fatigue, low energy, and a general sense of weakness or lethargy. Women may find it challenging to carry out daily activities and experience decreased overall stamina.
  • Mood Changes and Emotional Instability: Testosterone plays a role in regulating mood and emotional well-being. Women with testosterone deficiency may experience mood swings, irritability, anxiety, or even symptoms of depression.
  • Loss of Muscle Mass and Strength: Testosterone helps to maintain muscle mass and strength. When levels are low, women may experience a decline in muscle mass, leading to weakness and reduced physical performance.
  • Changes in Body Composition: Testosterone deficiency can contribute to changes in body composition. Women may notice an increase in body fat, particularly around the abdomen, and a decrease in muscle tone. This can result in a change in overall body shape.
  • Decreased Bone Density: Testosterone is important for maintaining bone health and density. Low testosterone levels in women can increase the risk of osteoporosis, making bones more prone to fractures and leading to decreased bone strength.
  • Decreased Sense of Well-being: Women with testosterone deficiency may experience a general decline in their overall sense of well-being. They may feel less motivated, have a reduced sense of vitality, and experience decreased overall satisfaction with life.

Male Testosterone Deficiency Symptoms:

Male Testosterone Deficiency, also known as hypogonadism or low testosterone, is a condition characterized by insufficient levels of testosterone in the male body. Testosterone is a crucial hormone responsible for the development and maintenance of male characteristics and plays a vital role in various bodily functions. When testosterone levels are low, it can lead to a range of symptoms, including:

  • Fatigue and decreased energy levels: Men with testosterone deficiency often experience persistent fatigue, reduced stamina, and a general lack of energy.
  • Decreased libido and sexual dysfunction: Low testosterone levels can contribute to a decline in sexual desire, decreased frequency of spontaneous erections, and difficulties in achieving or maintaining erections.
  • Mood changes and irritability: Testosterone plays a role in mood regulation, and low levels can result in irritability, mood swings, increased anxiety, and even depression.
  • Loss of muscle mass and strength: Testosterone is essential for building and maintaining muscle mass. Men with low testosterone may experience a decrease in muscle size, strength, and overall physical performance.
  • Increased body fat: Testosterone helps regulate fat metabolism, and a deficiency can lead to an increase in body fat, particularly around the abdomen.
  • Decreased bone density: Testosterone contributes to maintaining bone density in men. Low levels can increase the risk of osteoporosis and make men more susceptible to fractures.
  • Cognitive difficulties: Some men with testosterone deficiency may experience difficulties with concentration, memory, and overall cognitive function.
  • Sleep disturbances: Low testosterone levels can disrupt sleep patterns, leading to insomnia or poor sleep quality.
  • Decreased motivation and initiative: Testosterone plays a role in motivation and drive. Men with low testosterone may experience a decrease in motivation, productivity, and a lack of enthusiasm for previously enjoyed activities.
  • Decreased hair growth: Testosterone contributes to facial and body hair growth. Low levels may result in reduced hair growth or thinning of facial and body hair.

            The Benefit of Saliva Estradiol and Testosterone Hormone Test

            The saliva Estradiol and Testosterone hormone test offers several benefits for individuals seeking to assess and understand their hormone levels. Some of the key benefits include:

            • Convenience: The saliva test allows for easy and non-invasive sample collection from the comfort of your own home. It eliminates the need for a clinic visit or blood draw, saving you time and providing a convenient testing option.
            • Accuracy: Saliva hormone testing has been shown to provide accurate and reliable results. Saliva samples contain free, unbound hormones that reflect the active hormone levels in the body, making it a valuable tool for hormone assessment.
            • Comprehensive Hormone Analysis: The test measures both Estradiol and Testosterone levels, providing a comprehensive view of these important hormones. This allows individuals to gain insights into potential imbalances and understand how these hormones may be affecting their health and well-being.
            • Personalised Results: The test result includes graphics and numerical values that make it easy to interpret and understand hormone levels. This personalised information helps individuals identify any deviations from the optimal hormone range, providing a basis for targeted interventions or further discussions with healthcare professionals.
            • Expert Analysis and Recommendations: The test result often includes comments by a Hormone Specialist or a PhD Dr who can provide expert analysis of the hormone levels and offer guidance on the next steps. This professional insight helps individuals make informed decisions regarding their hormone health and potential treatment options.
            • Privacy and Confidentiality: Saliva hormone testing offers a discreet and confidential method for assessing hormone levels. You can maintain your privacy while gaining valuable information about your hormone health.
            • Longevity: Saliva samples can be stored for future reference or retesting, allowing for ongoing monitoring and evaluation of hormone levels over time.
            • Cost-Effectiveness: Saliva hormone testing often includes the laboratory fee within the test kit, minimising additional costs. This transparent pricing structure ensures that individuals can access hormone testing without unexpected expenses.

            By utilising the saliva Estradiol and Testosterone hormone test, individuals can gain valuable insights into their hormone levels, which can be instrumental in understanding their overall health and well-being. It provides a convenient and accurate method for hormone assessment, allowing for personalised analysis and expert recommendations for potential interventions or further consultations with healthcare professionals.

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