Benefits of a Simple Dried Blood Spot Test

A blood spot test offers several advantages. Firstly, it is a painless procedure that involves a finger stick to collect a small amount of blood, typically just a few drops. This makes it convenient for both patients and healthcare providers. The collection can be done easily at home or at the healthcare provider's office.

One of the key benefits of the blood spot test is that it allows for the analysis of hormones and other substances in dried blood spots. These dried blood spots remain stable at room temperature for up to 45 days. This stability enables easy and secure worldwide shipment of the samples, ensuring reliable testing regardless of geographical location. Furthermore, the handling and transport of blood spot samples are safe. Infectious agents are effectively destroyed through the drying process, minimizing any potential risks associated with sample handling and transportation.

Difference between Saliva and Blood Hormone Testing

When it comes to hormone testing, there are differences between saliva hormone testing and blood hormone testing. The Saliva Hormone Test is designed to measure hormones present in the entire body, while the Blood Hormone Test specifically targets hormones found in the blood. It's important to note that some of the hormone tests we offer can be conducted using both saliva and blood samples, while others may only require either saliva or blood. For more detailed information about the specific tests and their sample requirements, please refer to the relevant sections or consult with your healthcare provider.

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