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How to Supplement with Vitamin D & Melatonin after Melanoma

Posted by Ben White on

By Lissa Gienty, ZRT Laboratory Quick Takeaway: Studies suggest high blood levels of 25-OH vitamin D may prevent melanoma [1] and appropriate D levels may affect the prognosis in both primary [2] and metastatic melanomas. [3] Keep your levels in blood between 50-80 ng/dL. Additionally, melatonin and its metabolites protect the skin from sun and help guard the DNA there when faced with the mixture of cancer-inducing ultraviolet rays and oxidation.  The Full Story Like so many, I figured it was never going to happen to me. Until the day that one of our docs (thank you, Dr. Alison McAllister) turned to me in a meeting and said: "I really don't like...

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