Mastering Male Health: Unveiling the Significance of Blood Profiles I & II

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Male Hormone Test

Understanding the intricate balance of hormones is crucial in the journey towards optimal health, especially for men. ZRT Laboratories introduces two comprehensive Dried Blood Spot (DBS) profiles, Male Blood Profiles I & II, designed to provide valuable insights into sex hormones, adrenal function, and thyroid health. In this blog, we'll delve into the components of each profile, their significance, and the considerations they address for men seeking a thorough hormonal assessment.

Deciphering Male Blood Profile I: 

Tailored for men, Male Blood Profile I stands as a robust tool for assessing sex and adrenal hormone levels, with an added PSA test to gauge prostate health.

Male Blood Spot Profile I includes:

  • Estradiol (E2), total
  • Testosterone (T), total
  • Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA)
  • Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG)
  • DHEA-S (DS)
  • Cortisol (C)

A closer look at the components reveals a comprehensive analysis of primary male sex hormones, their major binding globulin (SHBG), and a screening for adrenal health through morning cortisol levels. The inclusion of PSA adds an extra layer, aiding in the assessment of prostate health.

Considerations for Male Blood Profile I:

This profile is ideal for monitoring and addressing various health concerns specific to men, including:

  • Monitoring for Estrogen Dominance: Identifying hormonal imbalances that may impact overall health.
  • Hypogonadism and Andropause: Offering insights into testosterone levels and age-related hormonal changes.
  • Fatigue and Low Libido: Identifying hormonal factors contributing to energy levels and libido.
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Assessing hormonal factors influencing sexual health.
  • Infertility Screening: Providing valuable data for men undergoing fertility assessments.
  • Osteoporosis Screening: Evaluating bone health through hormone assessments.
  • Adrenal Dysfunction: Assessing adrenal function for those experiencing adrenal-related issues.

Understanding Male Blood Profile II:

Taking the assessment a step further, Male Blood Profile II incorporates the Essential Thyroid Profile tests alongside the components of Profile I.

Male Blood Spot Profile II adds:

  • Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
  • Free Triiodothyronine (fT3)
  • Free Thyroxine (fT4)
  • Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOab)

This comprehensive profile extends its reach to include thyroid assessments, making it suitable for those with concerns related to thyroid function.

Considerations for Male Blood Profile II:

This profile provides a more holistic approach to hormonal assessment, delving into both sex hormones and thyroid health.


Male Blood Profiles I & II stand as invaluable tools in precision health assessment for men. These profiles offer a comprehensive look into sex hormones, adrenal function, and thyroid health, providing valuable data for informed decision-making. Whether addressing testosterone levels, prostate health, or assessing thyroid function, these profiles empower men and healthcare professionals alike to navigate the intricate landscape of male hormonal health and well-being.

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