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DHEAS (DS) Test Kit is a comprehensive solution for measuring DHEAS hormone levels effectively in the blood. This test kit is specifically designed to identify any hidden DHEAS imbalances within the body, providing you with valuable insights into your hormone health.

Key Features:

  • Quick and Informative Test Results: After the laboratory receives your sample, you can expect to receive your test results within 3-5 working days. The results will be presented clearly and easily, including graphics and numerical values. Additionally, a hormone specialist PhD doctor will provide expert analysis and comments on your hormone levels, offering valuable insights and guidance for your next steps.
  • Convenient Sample Collection: Say goodbye to the hassle of visiting a laboratory. With our test kit, you can collect your samples from the comfort of your own home. The kit includes everything you need for the collection process, ensuring a seamless experience. 
  • Suitable for Adults and Children: The test kit is suitable for both adults and children, making it a versatile option for individuals of all ages.
  • Suitable for Men and Women: Regardless of gender, the test kit can be used by both men and women to assess progesterone hormone levels.
  • Long Shelf Life: It is important to utilize the test within 12 months from the date of purchase to ensure accurate results.
  • The Freshness of Samples: We understand the importance of sample freshness for accurate testing. Our test kit guarantees the freshness of the dried blood spot sample for up to 45 days. The shipping time to our laboratory is crucial in maintaining sample integrity. You have the option to use postal services, which will deliver your sample between 3 to 5 working days, or private carriers, such as UPS, DHL etc., for expedited delivery within 48 hours. 
  • Customer Shipping Responsibility: After collecting your samples using the provided materials in the test kit, it is your responsibility to ship the samples to our laboratory. This requirement ensures that the samples reach the laboratory in a timely manner for analysis. You have the flexibility to choose the shipping method that suits your convenience and location. While you may need to cover the shipping costs, this arrangement allows you to have control over the shipping process and helps ensure the prompt delivery of your samples for accurate analysis. 

Test Kit Components:

The DHEAS (DS) Test Kit includes the following components to ensure an easy and accurate testing experience:

  • Sample Collection Card: A sterile and specially designed card for collecting the required sample. It preserves the integrity of the sample during transportation, ensuring reliable results.
  • Two Lancets: Small and sterile instruments that safely puncture the skin for blood collection. These lancets minimize discomfort during the collection process, making it as painless as possible.
  • Sample Collection Instructions: Clear and detailed instructions guide you through the sample collection process accurately. Following these instructions is crucial to obtaining reliable results.
  • Test Requisition Form: This form collects important information from you, including personal details, symptoms, and any additional information required for testing. Fill it out to provide the necessary context for your hormone level analysis.
  • Return Envelope: A pre-addressed envelope is provided for the convenient and secure return of your sample to the testing facility. Simply seal the envelope with the collected sample and follow the provided instructions for mailing it back.
  • Shipping Instructions: Detailed instructions are included to guide you on how to package and ship the collected sample properly. These instructions ensure that your sample remains protected and arrives safely for analysis.

    By including these components, we aim to streamline the sample collection and return process, allowing you to perform the test easily and efficiently while maintaining sample integrity.

    DHEAS deficiency symptoms

    DHEAS (dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate) deficiency can manifest through various symptoms, affecting different aspects of the body. Here are some common symptoms associated with DHEAS deficiency:

    • Acne: Reduced DHEAS levels can contribute to the development of acne, particularly in adults.
    • Oily skin: DHEAS plays a role in regulating sebum production, and low levels can lead to excessive oiliness in the skin.
    • Fatigue: DHEAS is involved in energy production, and its deficiency can result in persistent fatigue or low energy levels.
    • Bad memory:  DHEAS plays a role in cognitive function, and its deficiency may contribute to memory impairment or difficulties with concentration.
    • Muscle weakness: DHEAS is associated with muscle strength and mass. Low levels of DHEAS can lead to muscle weakness and decreased stamina.
    • Hirsutism: DHEAS influences the balance of androgens in the body. Deficiency may result in increased hair growth in areas typically associated with male pattern hair growth, such as the face and chest, in women (hirsutism).
    • Skin and eyes dryness: DHEAS deficiency can lead to dryness of the skin and eyes, causing discomfort and potentially affecting vision.
    • Insulin resistance: DHEAS helps regulate glucose metabolism, and its deficiency may contribute to insulin resistance, a condition associated with impaired blood sugar control.
    • Addison's disease: Severe DHEAS deficiency can be associated with Addison's disease, a rare disorder characterized by insufficient adrenal gland function.
    • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): DHEAS imbalance is often observed in women with PCOS, a hormonal disorder characterized by multiple cysts on the ovaries and various symptoms such as irregular periods, excess hair growth, and fertility issues.
    • Low stamina: Decreased DHEAS levels can result in reduced endurance and overall stamina during physical activities.
    • Low libido:  DHEAS plays a role in sexual function and libido. Deficiency may lead to a decrease in sexual desire.
    • Less muscle mass: DHEAS deficiency can contribute to a decrease in muscle mass, affecting overall strength and body composition.
    • Less hair growth in underarms:  DHEAS influences hair growth patterns. Reduced levels may result in decreased hair growth in areas such as the underarms.
    • Inability to lose weight:  DHEAS deficiency can affect metabolism and contribute to difficulties in losing weight.

    Understanding DHEAS (DS) and Its Importance

    DHEAS (dehydroepiandrosterone) is an endogenous hormone produced by the adrenal gland. It plays a crucial role in the production of various hormones, including estrogen, progesterone, cortisone, and testosterone. As individuals age, their DHEAS levels tend to decrease, particularly after the age of 30. Additionally, certain conditions such as anorexia, end-stage kidney disease, type 2 diabetes, AIDS, adrenal insufficiency, and critical illness can lead to low DHEAS levels.

    By testing your DHEAS levels, you can determine if your adrenal glands are functioning optimally. This test is especially relevant for women exhibiting signs of high male hormone levels. Our DHEAS Hormone Test Kit is precisely designed to analyze your blood for the levels of DHEA-S taken up by various tissues in your body, providing valuable insights into your hormonal health.

    Take control of your health today with the DHEAS (DS) Test Kit and gain a better understanding of your hormone levels. Order now and start your journey toward hormonal balance and well-being.

    How does the DHEAS test carry out?

    This blood spot-based testing tool can be done in the privacy of your own home and allows you to monitor the level of DHEA-S within your body routinely through our laboratory findings. A simple step of collecting your blood spot for the test is required. Once you provide a blood spot, you need to seal the sample and send it off to us. Your test result report will be emailed to you between 3 and 5 working days after the laboratory receives your sample.

    How to use

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