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Since 1998, ZRT has tested adrenal hormones for 1.4 million individuals.

The adrenal glands, otherwise known as the “stress glands,” enable our bodies to cope with stress and survive. Shaped like two tiny pyramids, they sit atop the kidneys and from this central location mobilize the response to changes in our environment.

Whether stress comes from outside in the form of a natural disaster, or from within like the anxiety we experience before public speaking, it’s the adrenals’ job to help us adapt to the situation.

They accomplish this by secreting key hormones: 

The primary stress hormone that fine-tunes our response to the stress of everyday living
One of the most abundant hormones in the body, and a precursor to estrogens and testosterone; also balances some of the negative effects of high cortisol
Epinephrine / Norepinephrine:
Neurotransmitters that mobilize the body’s natural “fight or flight” response in an emergency

Patients can conduct a saliva cortisol test or a urine cortisol test to assess adrenal hormones. This involves collecting four non-invasive samples over the course of one day, from which ZRT is able to generate results with a diurnal cortisol curve. This four-point graph reveals cortisol levels throughout the day and allows health care providers to pinpoint issues with adrenal gland function.

Adrenal glands that are in balance produce adequate amounts of hormones to power us through the day. These hormones impact just about every process in the body, from energy production and immune activity to cellular maintenance and repair. They are key regulators of glucose, insulin and inflammation, and play a major role in bone and muscle building, mood and mental focus, stamina, sex drive and sleep cycles.

Adrenal glands that are out of balance can lead to:

High Cortisol

Results in insomnia, anxiety, sugar cravings, feeling tired but wired, increased belly fat & bone loss

Low Cortisol

Causes chronic fatigue, low energy, food and sugar cravings, poor exercise tolerance or recovery & low immune reserves


Out of balance adrenals can lead to high or low DHEA.

Ideal Ways to Assess Adrenal Hormones

Saliva Testing has long been used as an accurate and reliable method for measuring cortisol because it’s simple and non-invasive, and patients can collect these samples multiple times per day. It’s easy to assess DHEA in these samples too.

10 Tips to Achieving Adrenal Health & Hormone Balance

  1.  10 Tips to Achieving Adrenal Health & Hormone Balance
  2. The adrenal glands, otherwise known as the “stress glands,” enable your body to cope with stress and survive. Shaped like two tiny pyramids, they sit atop the kidneys and mobilize your response to changes within the environment. Whether stress comes from inside or out, it’s the adrenals’ job to help us adapt to the situation. Read on to learn the Top 10 Tips for returning to hormone balance and achieving adrenal health.
  3. Do these symptoms sound familiar? - Aches & pains - Sleep disturbances - Chronic irritability - Weight gain in waist - Depression - Morning or evening fatigue - Sugar / food cravings - Susceptibility to infections - Diabetes / pre-diabetes - Low libido
  4.  #1 Exercise aerobically to improve oxygenation & relieve stress Exercise outside whenever possible.
  5.  #2 Counteract stress with stretching, deep breathing, yoga, Pilates, walking, swimming.
  6.  #3 Consider daily meditation to help decrease stress on mind and body – work up to 20 min daily sessions
  7.  #4 Support adrenals with C, D3, E & magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium & iodine – essential ‘co-factors’required for the production of adrenal hormones
  8.  #5 Increase fun activities that fuel your life’s passions – like gardening, painting, cooking
  9.  #6 Adaptogens are herbs known to strengthen the adrenals’ ability to adapt to stress – look for preparations with ashwagandha, maca, rhodiola, cordyceps, and/or Siberian ginseng
  10.  #7 Get Vitamin Zzzs: Sleep 7-8 hours a night; and if you can’t, never underestimate the aid of a 15-minute power nap
  11.  #8 Prioritize ME time: to unwind, enjoy life & soothe stress hormones
  12. #9 Test your hormones to detect hidden imbalances. We recommend ZRT’sAdrenal Stress Profile or Sleep Balance Profile.
  13. #10 Act the way you want to feel: research shows it works! Read: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

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