Refund policy

Hormone Lab UK is committed to selling high-quality products and services at approved standards. If you wish to return a product, it must be unopened, unused and in good condition. You must keep your receipt, invoice or order number as proof of purchase.

Retail Sales (Individual Customers): After receiving your product, you have 15 working days to request a replacement or ask for a return without giving any reason. If a customer changes their mind to return our product, they will be responsible for the shipping cost.
Wholesale (Clinics, Hospitals, Agents etc.): After receiving your product, you have seven working days to request a replacement or return products. Wholesale customers must have a good reason (defect, broken etc.) to request a replacement or a return. We may not accept replacement or returns from wholesale buyers without a good reason. The shape, weight, package or colour of our products might be different than those shown on our website, and this cannot be a reason to request a replacement or return unless there is a significant difference in its function and quality.

Please note that each order is checked twice before being shipped. We will be responsible for all the shipping charges incurred if we should send the wrong or a defective item.

Please use a trackable/traceable service when returning the product for replacement or refund, please use a trackable/traceable service.

Refund: As soon as we receive a product for return, we will make a full refund. If you ask for a replacement, we will reimburse any cost difference as soon as possible.