Who, When, and How to Test with ZRT: Empowering Health and Wellness

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 Hormone Testing

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, understanding the intricacies of our bodies is paramount to making informed decisions about our well-being. ZRT Laboratory, a pioneer in hormone and wellness testing, offers an accessible and convenient way to do just that. With simple home collection kits for saliva, dried blood spot, and dried urine samples, ZRT empowers individuals to take charge of their health. This blog will explore who should consider testing, when is the right time, and how the process works.

Who to Test

Candidates for hormone testing include both men and women experiencing a range of symptoms, such as:

- Hot flashes
- Night sweats
- Foggy thinking
- Decreased sex drive
- Vaginal dryness
- Acne
- Increased body/facial hair
- Heavy or irregular menses
- Fibrocystic breasts
- Breast cancer
- Infertility or PCOS
- Chronic stress and/or fatigue
- Weight gain, especially around the waist
- Heart palpitations
- Dry skin/brittle nails
- Cold hands and feet

For neurotransmitter testing, it's relevant for adults and children grappling with issues like:

- Anxiety
- Depression
- Chronic fatigue
- Impulsivity
- Insomnia

Heavy metals & essential elements testing is advisable for individuals who:

- Have exposure to well water or aging pipes
- Live in an older home or industrial area
- Have mercury dental work
- Consume foods like vegetables, rice, and seafood that may be tainted by heavy metals
- Smoke cigarettes

How to Test

Once  the patient is decided which test or as professional health care provider, you've identified a patient who could benefit from testing, the process is straightforward:

Alleviate Concerns

- Explain that the testing process is simple and stress-free.
- ZRT's saliva, blood spot, and urine test kits eliminate the need for needles or lab visits.
- All samples can be conveniently collected at home and sent back to the lab via the Post Office or special currier like UPS, FEDex, Parcelforce etc.

Walk Through the Test Kit

- Familiarize patients with the test kit components, emphasizing:
- Collection instructions
- Saliva tubes/blood spot lancets and filter card/urine cards
- Postage label/mailer bag

Review Collection

- Encourage patients to read the collection instructions before testing.
- Suggest they complete the paperwork the night before collection, leaving only Section 5 of the form (Sample Collection Dates and Times) to be filled in on the day of collection.
- Advise patients to view ZRT's collection videos online at www.hormonelab.co.uk/resources


- Pre-menopausal women should collect saliva, blood, or urine on days 19-21 of their menstrual cycle. Counting the day from the first day of their period started. 
- Women with irregular cycles should collect five days before they expect their period to start.
- Post-menopausal and non-cycling women, men, and children can collect at any time.
- Specialized instructions are available for those using hormones.


- Cycling women can collect on any day they aren't bleeding.
- Non-cycling women, men, and children can collect at any time.

Heavy Metals & Essential Elements

- Cycling women can collect urine any day they aren't bleeding. Blood can be collected on any day.
- Non-cycling women, men, and children can collect urine or blood at any time of the month.

When to Test

ZRT Laboratory provides valuable resources such as Symptom Checklists to help identify who can benefit from testing and which type of testing is most suitable for their needs. These tools ensure that individuals and healthcare providers can make informed decisions about their health and wellness, improving their overall quality of life.

In conclusion, ZRT Laboratory's simple and convenient testing options make it easier than ever for individuals to monitor their hormone levels, neurotransmitters, and heavy metal exposure. Understanding when and how to test is the first step towards achieving optimal health and well-being. With ZRT, the power to make informed decisions about your health is in your hands.

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