Estrone Test Kit (E1) (Estrogen)

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Saliva Estrone Hormone Test Kit (E1): Your Comprehensive Solution for Hormonal Balance. The Saliva Estrone Hormone Test Kit is designed to assess and monitor the levels of estrone hormone in body. Estrone, one of the three main forms of estrogen, plays a crucial role in maintaining hormonal balance and overall well-being. This easy-to-use test kit empowers individuals to gain valuable insights into their estrone levels, allowing for early detection of deficiencies that may contribute to various health concerns.

Key Features

  • Convenient Home Testing: The test allows you to collect saliva samples from the comfort and privacy of your own home. No need to visit a clinic or schedule appointments.
  • Comprehensive Test Result: Within 3-5 working days of the laboratory receiving your sample, you will receive a detailed test result. The result will include your hormone levels presented in clear graphics and numerical values, providing a comprehensive understanding of your estrone levels.
  • Expert Analysis: The test result will feature comments from a hormone specialist with a Ph.D., who will provide a thorough analysis of your hormone levels. These comments will include insights into the implications of your results and recommendations for further action, helping you make informed decisions about your hormonal health.
  • Suitable for All Ages: The test is designed for both adults and children, making it accessible for individuals of all ages who may be experiencing symptoms or concerns related to estrone levels.
  • Extended Validity: The test kit remains valid for 12 months after the purchase date, allowing flexibility in when you choose to use it while ensuring accurate results.
  • Inclusive Laboratory Fee: The test kit includes the laboratory fee, meaning there are no additional costs or taxes to consider. This ensures a transparent and straightforward pricing structure for customers.
  • Shipping Responsibility: Customers are responsible for shipping their samples to the laboratory. This allows for flexibility in choosing the shipping method and enables you to track your sample during transit.
  • The Saliva Estrone Hormone Test offers a convenient, reliable, and comprehensive solution for assessing estrone hormone levels. With its easy-to-use home testing approach, expert analysis, and inclusive pricing, this test empowers you to take control of your hormonal health and make informed decisions about your well-being.
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Symptoms of Estrone Hormone Deficiency

Estrone deficiency can have far-reaching effects on your health. This hormone imbalance has been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer and heart disease, making it imperative to stay vigilant and address any potential deficiencies promptly. By using the Saliva Estrone Hormone Test Kit, you can proactively assess your estrone levels, enabling you to take the necessary steps to reduce these risks.

In addition to the physical health implications, estrone deficiency can also impact your emotional well-being. Negative feelings such as mood swings, irritability, and anxiety have been linked to hormonal imbalances, including low estrone levels. By identifying and addressing these imbalances, the Saliva Estrone Hormone Test Kit helps you regain emotional equilibrium and enhance your overall quality of life.

Furthermore, the Saliva Estrone Hormone Test Kit is particularly useful for women experiencing symptoms of menopause. During this transitional phase, hormonal fluctuations can lead to a range of uncomfortable symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats, and irregular periods. By monitoring estrone levels over time, the test kit provides valuable information to help manage these symptoms effectively, allowing women to navigate the menopausal journey with greater ease and confidence.

Using the Saliva Estrone Hormone Test Kit is simple and convenient. With a quick and painless saliva sample, you can obtain accurate results within a short period. The kit includes detailed instructions, and once you send your sample to the laboratory, you can expect comprehensive reports that analyze your estrone levels and provide actionable recommendations to restore hormonal balance.

Don't leave your hormonal health to chance. Take control with the Saliva Estrone Hormone Test Kit and pave the way for a healthier future. Understand your estrone levels, address deficiencies, and embrace a life of balance, vitality, and well-being.

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