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Estradiol (Estrogen) (E2) Saliva Hormone Test Kit

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Estradiol (Estrogen) Saliva Hormone Test Kit designed accurately assess Estradiol level and determine if there is Estradiol imbalance in the body.

Signs and Symptoms of Female  Estradiol Hormone Imbalance are poor concentration, tender or fibrocystic breasts, bloating, bone loss, decreased fertility, depression, hot flashes, heavy or painful periods, irregular periods, irritability, loss of muscle mass, low libido, memory lapses, mood swings, obstructed bile secretion or function, sleep disturbances, uterine bleeding, vaginal dryness, acne or oily skin

Signs and Symptoms of Male Estradiol Hormone Imbalance are decreased mental clarity, decreased muscle strength, decreased stamina, decreased urine flow, erectile dysfunction, hot flashes, increased abdominal fat, increased urge to urinate, irritability, low sex drive, mood swings, night sweat, spoor concentration and sleep disturbances.

    Estradiol is the predominant, and the most potent, circulating estrogen. Estrogens are present in very minute quantities in saliva, at only 1—5% of the total amount, including protein-bound hormone, found in serum. The very low concentration of salivary estradiol, especially in populations such as postmenopausal women, necessitates extremely sensitive assay methods.

    Estradiol is a critical part of sexual and reproductive function – acting as an anti-oxidant neuroprotective agent and known to be profoundly associated with bone growth. Estradiol is also suspected to play a large role in cancer of breast and uterine endometrial lining.

    Measuring your Estradiol levels may assist you and your Doctor in making accurate and conclusive diagnosis especially If you are experiencing any of the signs and symptoms listed above. 

    Test is:

    • Safe and easy to use in comfort of your home or office.
    • Delivers results in 7 days after receipt at the laboratory
    • Your Test Result: An easy to understand explanation regarding the functions of the tested hormones by our laboratory professional.
    • Tips and advice what to do next.
    • Free Delivery in the UK and Ireland
    • Customers are responsible for shipment to laboratory. Please find more information on shipping page.
    • No additional cost and tax.

    The pack includes:

    • Test Requisition Form includes Symptom Checklist
    • Requisition Form to complete including your personal and medical history
    • Contains collection instructions
    • Vial(s) for collecting saliva
    • Instructions on How to Use Saliva Collection Kit 

    How to Use 

    how to collect saliva sample


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