Adrenal Test Kit

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    Adrenal (Stress) Test kit is for testing 5 main hormones related with adrenal stress. Our laboratory will run following tests to measure hormones:

    • DHEAS Hormone Test (DS)
    • Cortisol Hormone Test in the Morning  (C)
    • Cortisol Hormone Test in the Noon (C) 
    • Cortisol Hormone Test in the Evening (C)
    • Cortisol Hormone Test in the Night (C) in saliva.
    • Test requires saliva sample
    • Contains saliva collection kit
    • Test sample can be collected at the comfort of your home
    • Free delivery in the UK (International delivery from £3.99)
    • Customers are responsible for shipping their sample to laboratory. 
    • Test kit includes laboratory fee. No additional laboratory cost and tax.
    • Test Result: You will receive your test result via email within 3-5 working days after Laboratory receives your sample. On your test result you will see your hormone levels in graphics and numbers. You will also see Laboratory's comments by Hormone Specialist Phd Dr. on your test result which suggests a healthy diet, what kind of exercise you should do and some reading materials how to maintain your hormone level balanced. After receiving your test result we strongly recommend you to show your test result to your GP and see if you need any treatment or further action needs to be taken. 
    • Click to see Sample Test Result Report
    • Test must be used within 12 months after purchase date. 
                    The Test Kit pack includes:
                    • Test Requisition Form includes Symptom Checklist
                    • Requisition Form to complete including your personal and medical history
                    • Contains collection instructions
                    • Vial(s) for collecting saliva and blood (dry blood spot) Card
                    • Instructions on How to Use Collection Kit
                    • Return Envelope
                    • Shipping instruction

                    Adrenal test kit is recommended if you experience following symptoms;
                    DHEAS deficiency symptoms (men & women) are: Acne, Oily skin, fatigue, Bad memory, Muscle weakness, Hirsutism, Skin & eyes dryness, Insulin resistance, Addison's disease, (PCOS), Low stamina, Low Libido, Less muscle mass, Less hair growth in underarms, inability losing weight.

                    Female Low Cortisol Deficiency Symptoms: Aches & pains, Allergies, Blood pressure low, Blood sugar low, Body temperature cold, Chemical sensitivity, Fatigue- evening, Fatigue – morning, Fibromyalgia, Pulse rate slow, Stamina decreased, Stress and Sugar carvings

                    Female High Cortisol Deficiency Symptoms: Anxious, Blood pressure high, Bone loss, Breast cancer, Depressed, Foggy thinking, Hot flashes, Infertility, Irritable, Memory lapse, Muscle size decreased, Nervous, Night sweats, Rapid aging, Rapid heartbeat, Skin thinning, Sleep disturbance, Stress, Uterine fibroids and Weight gain – waist.

                    Male Low Cortisol Deficiency Symptoms: Allergies, Apathy, Blood pressure low, Blood sugar los, Body temperature cold, Burned out feeling, Chemical sensitivity, Depressed, Dizzy spells, Fatigue – evening, Fatigue – mental, Fatigue – morning, Infertility, Irritable, Joint pain, Mental Sharpness decreased, Neck or back pain, Pulse rate slow, Stamina decreased, Stress, Sugar carvings, Swelling or puffy eyes/face.

                    Male High Cortisol Deficiency Symptoms: Anxious, Blood pressure high, Body temperature cold, Bones loss, Depressed, Erection decreased, Forgetfulness, Hot flashes, Libido decreased, Metal sharpness decreased, Muscle size decreased, Nervous, Night sweats, Rapid aging, Skin thinning, Sleeping difficulty, Stress, Sugar carvings, Triglycerides elevated, Weight gain – waist.

                    How does Saliva DHEA S Hormone test and Full Day Cortisol Test Kit work?

                    Our Full Day Saliva DHEA S and Cortisol Hormone Test measures your DHEA S and cortisol levels during the day and determines whether your levels are too high or too low regarding the normal standard. 

                    It is very useful if you have been under a lot of stress lately or if you have been recently observed some complications that might associated with variation in the DHEA S and Cortisol levels.

                    How to Use 

                    how to collect saliva sample