estriol test kit (E3)

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  • estriol test kit in saliva is for accurately assess Estradiol levels in the body.
  • Symptoms of estradiol imbalance are;
    • Bloating,
    • Swelling and tenderness in breast (women),
    • Decreased sex drive,
    • Irregular menstrual periods,
    • Headaches,
    • Anxiety and panic attacks,
    • Weight gain,
    • Hair loss,
    • Cold hands or feet,
    • Trouble sleeping,
    • fatigue,
    • Memory problems,
    • Increased Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS),
    • Infertility,
    • Gynecomastia,
    • Erectile dysfunction (ED) (in men).
  • Collecting saliva sample easily at comfort of your home or office.
  • Estriol Test Kit delivers result between 3-5 working days after receipt at the laboratory
  • Free Delivery in the UK and Ireland
  • Customers are responsible for shipping their sample to laboratory.
  • No additional cost.
  • Click to see >> Sample Saliva Test Result Report

    The Test Kit Includes:

      • Test Requisition Form includes Symptom Checklist
      • Requisition Form to complete including your personal and medical history
      • Contains collection instructions
      • Vial(s) for collecting saliva
      • Instructions on How to Use Saliva Collection Kit  

    If above mentioned symptoms are familiar to you then you might have Estriol (E3)Deficiency. Estriol is one of the three estrogens produced by the body. Please click to  see Estrogen Profile. The hormone has beneficial effects for bone density, cardiovascular health, multiple sclerosis, and postmenopausal urinary tract health. 

    Saliva Estriol Hormone Test kit is particularly useful during pregnancy to know if your estriol levels are within the expected optimal range. Research shows that estriol deficiency in pregnant women may cause chromosomal or congenital anomalies like Down syndrome or Edward's syndrome.

    Monitoring your estriol level during pregnancy can somehow give you the peace of mind in terms of how your offspring is developing.

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